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Call for papers for a special issue of


'The last decade of the enlarging EU: changing framework and patterns of migration'


It has been almost a decade since the largest eastward EU enlargement took place in 2004 contributing to a re-integration of the former Soviet block European countries with the rest of Europe and setting up a new framework for European mobility. Consequently, a variety of unprecedented social phenomena have become inherent in the European reality. In the field of migration, we witnessed: mass emigration of East Europeans to the West of the Union; the occurrence of new forms of intra-European mobility; the growth of selected migrant communities and a redefinition of interethnic relations, especially in the main destination countries for Eastern European migrants; reconfigurations on the European labour market and many other intriguing processes pertaining to human mobility. The recent economic crisis has posed additional challenges to the migrant-natives economic and social relations and resulted in a returning wave towards the East of the Union, which has been generating both positive and negative outcomes for sending and receiving countries.

The planned special issue aims at collecting high-quality syntheses on consequences that the progressing EU enlargement has brought in the field of European migration in the last 10 years. We invite authors addressing this issue from the perspective of particular countries – both sending and receiving - and of the Union as a whole. Theoretical and empirical works (based either on quantitative or qualitative material) are both welcome. Among contributions we expect critical accounts pertaining to demographic processes, social inclusion and exclusion, European and national labour markets, European identity, regional relations, policy developments and political discourses, social benefits, fiscal policies and other topics.


Submission guidelines and related dates

31.10.2013 – submission of abstracts

15.11.2013 – notification of acceptance

01.08.2014 – submission of articles

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